We are a Public Benefit Corporation with a goal to support girls' physical and mental hygiene. It starts with changing the dialogue between girls and their personal care brands and continues with our messaging and organizations we support.

We invest in girls!

Mentorship. Girl Advisory Board. Girl Board Members. Senior Leadership.

These are just a few of the ways we connect with girls in our community and beyond. We keep girls passion and perspective at the core of the company because that’s how sisters Abby and Sadie founded the company. Through mentorship we give girls opportunities to jumpstart their careers. Girls take on roles from accounting to marketing to run SadieB as they are supported by professional mentors.

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We uplift girls to improve

Mental Hygiene

Mental Hygiene is the daily practice of taking care of your mental health.

We believe Mental Hygiene is a crucial part of personal care. Girls are bombarded with the message that looks determine their value, but the world needs future women that value themselves for their abilities, accomplishments, leadership, and goodness. With the “Powered By Girls” motto, SadieB will share a message that uplifts and encourages all girls to support good mental hygiene.

We support girls by supporting powerful organizations

Meet our first partners, Girl Up, We’ve proudly partnered with Girl Up— a movement to advance our skills, rights, and opportunities to be leaders. Their motto is, “When girls rise, we all rise.” We strive to further this mission through sponsorship, involvement in Girl Up events and lifting girls, like us, every day.

SadieB has also sponsored past leadership summits.