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I've been obsessed with hair my whole life. When my friends started babysitting for money, I started styling hair. Along the way I learned a lot about the products. A couple years ago (at 16), I realized how totally turned off I was by these brands. No, I do not live in a music video, I am not my mom and I don't believe your product is going to revolutionize me. I just want to look and smell good when I go out into the world to kick some a$$!

I wasn't too surprised to learn that almost every major woman's personal care brand is led by a middle-aged male CEO.

With my older sister, we were determined to

take control!

We decided to make products with girls at the center, addressing their real lives and needs, and develop a brand that we could connect with.

First and foremost, our formulations and fragrances are of amazing quality as you'll soon find out. We call it "stylist-grade". I'm a hair-obsessed person and I couldn't have it any other way. As well, every ingredient is on the Sephora clean list and scores an EWG rating of 4 or below. Our bottles are 85% post-consumer recycled.

But that's just the start. As a public benefit corporation, we are just as focused on

lifting girls!

We do that within the company through mentorships for other entrepreneurial girls. We also do it outside the company by sponsoring and supporting organizations like the UN Foundation's Girl Up.

You don't have to look too hard at the beauty industry to find implied in all the messaging that a girls' success depends on her beauty. And you don't have to observe other girls for very long to realize that message is still winning. It's a false message and it's one more thing holding us back.

So, we're changing the dialogue between the girl and the brand. We will be using our platform to uplift girls and encourage good mental hygiene at every touch point.

no parabens
no phthalates
only gf ingredients

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